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The RV Management Experts in Florida 

Since 2017, Lux RV Management has helped owners maintain their RVs. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or manage RV, our team of specialists is here for everything you need.


Professional RV Management Services

Lux RV Management offering a fresh and friendly approach to RV ownership. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with everything they need to make ownership hassle free. 


Lux RV Management will keep your unit trip ready at all times. All systems are tested monthly and prior to departure. No more wasting energy and time on preparing your RV or dealing with break downs. 


Let us handle your RV needs like, tire pressure, fluids, gas, propane, cleaning, dumping, storage, repairs, body work. Additional services available like drivers, delivery and pick to repair facilities or any destination, food & supply provisions, trip planning, site reservations, etc. 

Complimentary Consultation
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