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Renting your RV is great way to create additional income, help with maintain costs, and take advantage of tax saving benefits not available with just personal use. 

This part of the program is optional and not required to have your RV managed personally. 

Will people trash your RV? The answer is no. All renters must complete Risk Assessment, background check, and driver verification. In addition the renter must present themselves as trust worthy and responsible at the time of pickup. The RV is covered by our commercial insurance policy which includes $1,000,000 liability, $500,000 in property damage. Each renter must provide a security deposit ranging from $1500-5000 based on the value of the RV. For larger RVs the renter must have proof of experience driving large vehicles equivalent to the rental. 

The RV is cleaned inside and out after each rental to CDC disinfection guidelines, rest assured the RV with stay in top condition throughout its time in the fleet. For more information please schedule a consultation through the booking online page.

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